Revolutionary New Product Gives Hope to Women Suffering From High Heel Pain (Even This Shoe Snob!)

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My Sore Feet before Vivian Lou Insoles

Being a shoe enthusiast and a high-heel lover, I had to try out the Vivian Lou High-heel Inserts and find out if it really did help me have a PAIN FREE night in my cutest high-heels

It was a Friday night, my husband booked our kids a babysitter and planned a nice fun double date with another couple downtown.  We don’t typically get these types of nights, so we like to make them special occasions, which means I throw on a classy romper/dress and my sexiest pair of high-heels.

If you’ve ever worn high-heels for a special occasion, you typically know how the rest of the story goes...

About an hour after arriving downtown, my feet were throbbing, and I could no longer walk another step.  I thought to myself, “why do I even attempt to look cute.”

When we finally got to the restaurant and sat down, I quickly kicked off my shoes and felt like I could finally enjoy the night.  But clearly my pain was obvious, because my friend leaned over to me and asked if I was OK?


She leans back over with a smile and kicks off one of her shoes to show me her high-heel inserts that she’s been using for about 6 months.  She said she couldn’t imagine wearing high-heels without them and insisted I order a pair right then and there.

(I was extremely skeptical because I’ve been there, done that.  I’ve ordered gel inserts before on amazon, tested them for a day or two, and it never seemed to relieve a single bit of pain.)

She was so persistent that I decided to look them up and see what they were all about.  When I googled Vivian Lou Insoles I was shocked with their online rating.  They had over 1,657 Five Star Reviews and a 100% money-back guarantee.  I figured, what do I have to lose?  So I decided to order them and give them a try.

Do they work?

Two days after ordering my inserts, they arrived in the mail and I decided to give them the ultimate test!  A full work day in a pair of high-heels… something I haven’t done in years!

I was shocked! I made it the entire day at work and didn’t feel a single bit of throbbing or sharp pain.  I remember getting home, sliding off my heels and realizing I didn’t even think about my shoes the entire day.  My Vivian Lou Insoles gave me a comfortable day in my heels, almost as if I was wearing my flats.

As a woman and fashionista, you know when you find something that is life changing you just feel the need to share it with others.  You want to pass the information along and that’s why I’m now sharing my experience with you!

What I learned... cushion doesn’t stop discomfort!

Rather, Vivian Lou high-heel shoe inserts rotate your heel bone up and back, shifting your weight off the ball of your foot and evenly distributing it throughout the front of your foot and your heel. They are also made of a clear resin material to stop your feet from slipping forward and out of your shoe.

No other shoe insert I can find does this. I can’t find anything else like this anywhere!

Abby Walker, CEO of Vivian Lou is Disrupting the Shoe Industry!

How easy are they to use?

They’re super easy to use… unlike most insoles you purchase, you don’t have to cut or reshape them to get them to fit into your shoe.

With Vivian Lou, you simply choose the size that matches your shoe and follow the instruction on where to stick them.  Once they are in your shoe, they don’t move around or slip into an uncomfortable position.

The insert is super slim and thin so you don’t have to worry about them not fitting in your shoes or being seen by anyone.  They are made of a clear resin instead of a gel or foam, which means they won’t harbor bacteria or odor.

How much are they and how quickly do they ship?

When I placed my order (2 months ago) they were $29.99, arrived in 2 days, and worth every penny since I no longer deal with the pain.

*PRICE UPDATE: Tuesday, October 9, 2018*

Since posting this article I’ve ordered three more pairs because they're currently running a special offer where you can buy 3 pairs and get two free which makes them $17.99 each plus free shipping.  See offer below!

You won’t find a better deal than this. I really feel like all women should have these!

And if you’re sitting there debating if you should order a pair of these… you have a 100% money back guarantee, so if you don’t love them, return them.